Listening to Peggy @99-1 can make you the office superstar!

Nominate your workplace now and turn on the feel good music at work, if we show up and hear you listening to Peggy, your workplace could win 10K in advertising on Peggy… and you could win $1,000 cash, just for nominating!

We will be visiting work places, randomly from all the entries, daily… if we hear your workplace listening to Peggy… you and your workplace qualify to win the grand prize… if we show up and you aren’t listening 🙁 your workplace will go back into the qualifiers list.

Everyone we visit that is listening to Peggy @99-1, go into the grand prize draw, the grand prize winner will be selected on Monday, March 13th

Make sure you are listening to Peggy @99-1 all day at work… you never know when we will show up!

Here are some qualifiers from Peggy’s 10K Turn On thus far! The next qualifier could be you if you enter your name below!